HOWDY ALL,  Bryce and Lisa’s journey began in 1976.

Bryce opened a metaphysical bookstore (Akashic Record)  in Thousand Oaks, CA on Sept 11, 1976. The very first customer to enter the store was Lisa and of course she had to buy something. Her purchase was the only one of the day as we were not overun with customers. Thus the start of our merging SPIRITUAL and BUSINESS energies into oneness.

Lisa was the president of WESTLAKE ASROLOGICAL ORGANIZATION.  Within a few weeks she was giving Astrology classes at the AKASHIC RECORD. The next thing Bryce realized was Lisa wanted to also be a part of the bookstore. She rapidly expanded her role to become a full fledged partner and by 1984 a change was about to happen.  Aug 7th,1984 Bryce and Lisa looked into each others eyes and our energies blended into oneness.

Bryce and Lisa, were  married Aug 7,1986 and we have been working and playing together ever since. We were driven to sell everything, the bookstore, our condo, our cars and all of our furniture. The next part of our of spiritual and business adventure, began Sept 11, 1989 when we hit the road in our 40 ft. 5th wheel and Chevy pickup.

Our plan was to travel for a couple of years and settle down in a small 10,000 person town, somewhere far away from So. California. We made it barely past 1 year and were out of funds, but we loved the Fulltime RV Lifestyle so much that we needed to find a way to continue. We found AGS publishing company that needed RVers to travel to RV Parks and create visitor guides for them. Bryce and Lisa sold advertising (on the visitor guide) to pay for them all the while parking our rig in the RV Park. The park got FREE visitor guides, AGS took their cut and Bryce and Lisa earned a very nice income.

Our work load expanded in 1995, as Bryce discovered the INTERNET. This rapidly evolved into creating websites for RV parks, where we were creating RV Visitor Guides. The internet was in its infancy and growing rapidly, especially in the field of internet marketing. Affiliate marketing was just beginning and was a wide open opportunity to once again increase our income. In those early days of affiliate marketing, all you had to do was put a banner ad up on your site. Sometimes all you needed was a couple of lines of info with a link to the Affiliate site, it seemed so easy to earn a commission.

For the rest of story visit our ABOUT-US page. It will take you the next 20 years and bring you up to the present. I am sure you are beginning to see that Bryce and Lisa have always worked together combining spiritual and business concepts. 2015 has found Bryce with a resurgence of interest for internet marketing. WOW, has it ever changed since the 90’s The domain name we chose for this newest internet marketing adventure also combines spirituality and business ….. thus was born. Just so you know, our very first website in 1995 was