Howdy all, today we decided to start something entirely new… a site dedicated to giving away FREE GIFTS. In addiltion to that, we also decided to NOT COLLECT any EMAIL addresses.  This would allow the FREE GIFTS to be truly free. All of our FREE GIFTS will have instant access with no collecting email addresses for further income possibilities.  This concept is a rare concept today, as most all internet marketers do many things to get your email address… because they know that is where the money is!

Our approach will rely upon PAY IT FORWARD DONATIONS and ADSENSE on each page. This monetization will not make us independently wealthy but we hoping it will be a positive experience. Our visitors can merely click on advertisements on each page to show their appreciation for our FREE GIFTS or PAY IT FORWARD DONATIONS.

To get to know us and our 20+ years in the internet marketing business, see our ABOUT-US page.